Table 2.

Current clinical trials targeting DNA DSB repair pathway proteins as mono- and combination therapy agents.

NCT numberConditionsInterventionsTargetPhasesEnrollment
NCT03522246Epithelial ovarian cancerRucaparib, nivolumabPARP, anti-PD-1III1012
NCT03602859Ovarian cancerNiraparib, TSR-042PARP, anti-PD-1III912
NCT03330847Metastatic triple-negative breast cancerOlaparib, AZD6738, AZD1775PARP, ATR, WEE1II450
NCT02975934Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancerRucaparib vs. abiraterone acetate or enzalutamide or docetaxelPARPIII400
NCT02952534Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancerRucaparibPARPII360
NCT02854436Prostatic neoplasmsNiraparibPARPII301
NCT03414047Ovarian cancerPrexasertibCHK1, CHK2II173
NCT03307785Advanced non–small cell lung cancerNiraparib, TSR-042, TSR-022, bevacizumabPARP, anti-PD-1, anti-TIM-3, VEGFI168
NCT02124148Colorectal and breast cancerPrexasertib and combinationCHK1, CHK2I167
NCT02203513Ovarian, breast, and prostate cancerLY2606368CHK1, CHK2II153
NCT03637491Pancreatic and non–small cell lung cancerAvelumab, binimetinib and/or talazoparibanti-PD-L1, MEK, PARPII127
  • Note: Currently active or recruiting 11 clinical trials are arranged according to the number of enrollment of participants (n > 100) in the United States, last accessed on Sep 26, 2019.