Table 3.

The association between the germline variant rs61757955 and genomic and histological variables

VariableMean or Percentage (Wild Type)Mean or Percentage (Mutant)P-value
CIC Mutated15.9%38.1%0.017
1p/19q Co-deletion25.2%47.6%0.038
Total Somatic Mutation Count30.930.00.766
Percent Aneuploidy15.1%11.7%0.524
Grade 353.0%42.9%0.497
IDH Mutated78.1%85.7%0.583
1p/19q Co-deletion25.2%47.6%0.038
MGMT Promoter Methylation77.8%81.0%1.000
Chr 7 Gain/Chr 10 Loss13.0%9.5%1.000
Expression of GRB2 (FPKM)45.744.40.636
  • NOTE: Patients were divided based on whether or not they had the germline variant rs61757955. Patients with the germline variant rs61757955 were more likely (p < 0.05) to have CIC-mutated gliomas and the 1p/19q codeletion (bold).