Table 1.

Leiomyosarcomas with evidence of ALK fusions from three independent cohorts. “FM-LMS” identified from Foundation Medicine and were reported previously (14, 15), from a total of 223 leiomyosarcoma sequenced. “TCGA” identified from The Cancer Genome Atlas (13), from a total 57 leiomyosarcoma evaluable by DNA copy number. “TA-381” identified from tumor microarray (36), from a total of 97 leiomyosarcoma evaluable by FISH. Unk, unknown

SampleAgeGenderUterine5′ PartnerAdditional reports of same 5′ partner
FM-LMS-153FYesSTK32BRef. 14, 15
FM-LMS-260FUnkIGFBP5Ref. 14, 23
FM-LMS-357FYesACTG2Ref. 14, 15
FM-LMS-449FUnkTNS1Ref. 14
TCGA-IW-A3M659FYesACTG2Ref. 14, 15