Table 2.

Demographics and laboratory features for the protein expression signatures

TotalProtein expression signature
Total (%)951001217621135206
Ethnicity (%)Hispanic2830183150585053670.002
French-American-British classification (%)M515240332511503318750.040
White blood cell count (k/μL)Median10519813564896011111170.041
Bone marrow blast (%)Median7490766781714372440.005
Peripheral blood blast (%)Median6891554971422472250.003
Hemoglobin (g/dL)Median7.27.57.885.65.798.670.006
Platelet count (k/μL)Median46305010352803434310.034
  • NOTE: Significant patient characteristics and laboratory features are shown for the overall patient cohort as well as for each protein expression signature. Other nonsignificant variables that were evaluated, but which lacked association with any of the protein expression signatures included age at diagnosis, gender, cytogenetic prognostic risk groups, transplantation status, absolute blast count in the peripheral blood, number of monocytes in the bone marrow and peripheral blood, lactate dehydrogenase, albumin, creatinine, fibrinogen, and human leukocyte antigen–antigen D related.