Table 3.

Colorectal cancer–associated mutations included in the custom DNA-MS screen for microdissected ACF epithelium

Gene (number of mutations)Mutation screened
APC (11)E1306*, E1379*, N1661*, Q1338*, Q1367*, Q1378*, Q1429*, R1114*, R1450*, R876*, S1465*
BRAF (5)D594G, V600E/G/L/M
CDKN2A (7)D84Y, E61*, E69*, E88*, H83Y, R58*, R80*
EGFR (15)G719SC, L858R, L861Q, E746delGGA, E746delAAT, E746delATT, L747delTTA, L747delTAA, S752IF, A750P, T751I, P753Q, T751PAS, R108K, T790M
ERBB2 (8)A775_G776insYVMA, D769H, G776SLC, G776VC, L755P, P780_Y781insGSP, S779_P780insVGS, V777L
FLT3 (2)D835del, D835HY
KRAS (11)A59T, G12A/C/D/R/S/V, G13V/D, Q61H/LRP
MET (5)M1268T, R988C, T1010I, Y1248C, Y1253D
NRAS (19)A18T, G12V/A/D/C/R/S, G13V/A/D/C/R/S, Q61E/K/L/R/P/H
PIK3CA (14)C420R, C901F, E542K, E545K, H1047R/L/Y, H701P, M1043I, N345K, P539R, Q546K, R38H, R88Q
TP53 (9)D281G/Y/H, G245SRC, R248GW, R273C/H/L, V143A