Table 2.

Summary of SKOV3 xenograft mouse serum circulating microDNA sequencing and mapping to the mouse and human genomes

Mouse genomeHuman genome
Mouse 1Mouse 2Mouse 1Mouse 2
Paired end reads51,163,11862,660,38851,163,11862,660,388
Pairs aligned to species genome7,219,10310,237,364316,6266,513,724
Total reads102,326,236125,320,776102,326,236125,320,776
Uniquely aligned reads to species genome32,172,66942,514,1101,315,08725,709,112
Multimapped reads to species genome4,011,6453,568,50273,1951,591,304
Unique microDNA from species120,60857,4177217,214