Table 1.

Molecular signature according to chromosome 20q status in MSK-IMPACT dataset

Diploid 20qGain of 20qAmplification of 20q
FeatureMutatedWild type/negativeMutatedWild type/negativeMutatedWild type/negativeP valuea, OR
KRAS137865593327<0.001, 0.33
NRAS521881401290.407, 2.32
BRAF2619741440300.012, 0.17
MSI-H301931147030<0.001, 0.037
Right-sided tumor10511827121327<0.001, 0.126
TP531378612424282<0.001, 3.82
APC15271121272370.043, 1.98
  • aP values and OR calculated for gain or amplification of 20q versus diploid 20q.