Table 1.

Responsive and recurrent tumors, patient clinical information

Tumor IDPatient genderAge at DxSmoking statusSmoking historyAlcohol useHPV copy numberYear of DxStatusStageTNM classificationTx
1733Female42Former smoker100 pyUnknown22.52009Alive with NED 52 months from diagnosisIIIT2 N1 M0Chemo-RTa
1769Female60NonsmokerNANone475.62009Alive with NED 49 months from diagnosisIIIT3 N1 M0Surgery
1804Male58NonsmokerNASocial161.12009Alive with NED 48 months from diagnosisIVAT2 N2 M0Chemo-RTb
1971Male51NonsmokerNANone538.92010Alive with NED 40 months from diagnosisIIIT1 N1 M0Chemo-RTb
2148Male67Current smokerDaily cigarSocial16.12010Alive with NED 34 months from diagnosisIVBT1 N3 M0Chemo-RTb
0732Male78Former smokerc80 py2–3 glasses wine/wk110.72005AWD 105 months from diagnosisIVAT4 N2b M0Chemo-RTb
0843Male50Current smoker20 pycSocial34.12005DWD 75 months from diagnosisIVAT4 N1 M0Chemo-RTb
1040Male72Former smokerdLightdNone for 25 yr297.92006DWD 11 months from diagnosisIVBT4 N3 M0Chemo-RTb
2049Male56NonsmokerNASocial6.32010DWD 18 months from diagnosisIVAT4 N2 M0Chemo-RTb
2238Male51Current smoker25 pyUnknown142011DWD 14 months from diagnosisIVAT3 N1 M0Surgery + Chemoe
  • Abbreviations: AWD, alive with disease; Chemo-RT, chemotherapy/radiotherapy; DWD, died with disease; Dx, diagnosis; NED, no evidence of disease; TNM, tumor–node–metastasis; Tx, treatment.

  • aChemotherapy and radiation received at an outside institution, no additional information.

  • bChemotherapy/radiation consisting of carboplatin/paclitaxel and intensity-mediated radiation therapy.

  • cNonsmoker for 27 years.

  • dNonsmoker for 35 years.

  • eChemotherapy with weekly cisplatin.