Table 2.

TTD with endocrine treatment ± AP-1 inhibition in xenografts of MCF7 Tet-off DN-cJun clones 62 and 67

nMedian TTDa (days)95% CIP
E2Clone 62Control (+DOX)1419.513.8–27.70.636
DN-cJun (−DOX)1516.810–NA
Clone 67Control (+DOX)144.52.4–9.50.317
DN-cJun (−DOX)176.13.9–22.1
TamClone 67Control (+DOX)17NA131–NA0.003
DN-cJun (−DOX)17NANA
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; DOX, doxycycline; Tam, tamoxifen.

  • aTTD: time to tumor doubling (time elapsed from randomization to tumor size doubling).