Table 2.

Response to biomarker-targeted therapy in patients with metastatic KRAS/BRAF wild-type, RTK/MAP2K1–altered colorectal carcinomas

RTK/MAP2K1 AlterationTargeted therapyDuration of therapyOutcomeNotes
ERBB2 amplification (FC = +38.9)Cetuximab + irinotecan5Stable disease for 5 monthsPreviously treated with FOLFIRI without progression
ERBB2 amplification (FC = +8.5), ERBB2 p. V842IIrreversible inhibitor of EGFR/ERBB22RECIST stable disease and mixed response
Panitumumab + irinotecan2Progression of diseaseIrinotecan naïve
ERBB2 amplification, ERBB2 p. S310FDual ERBB2/EGFR inhibitor2Progression of disease
ERBB2-GRB7 fusion, amplifiedCetuximab + irinotecan2Progression of disease
Monoclonal anti-ERBB2 + capecitabine2Progression of disease
Irreversible inhibitor of EGFR/HER21.5Progression of disease
MAP2K1 p. K57ECetuximab + capecitabine + Avastin5Progression of disease
Cetuximab + irinotecan2Progression of diseaseIrinotecan naïve
MAP2K1 p. K57NPanitumumab + irinotecan2Progression of diseasePreviously treated with irinotecan