Table 3.

Incidence of renal tumor and tumor weight in orthotopic xenografts after 6 and 7 weeks

Tumor weight (mg)
Tumor incidence (%)Mean ± SEM
GroupNo. of miceSixth weekSeventh weekSixth weekSeventh week
miR-Ctr126/6 (100%)6/6 (100%)84.10 ± 8.50986.22 ± 11.35
miR-200c126/6 (100%)6/6 (100%)28.17 ± 2.76238.22 ± 3.864

NOTE: P values were determined by Fisher exact test. Tumor weights were calculated as: weight of left kidney − weight of right kidney. If the tumor xenograft weight was small and the left kidney was just slightly heavier than the right, the weight of the tumor was recorded as zero.

Abbreviation: NS, not significant.