Table 1.

Summary of coexpression data of MET and TP53 (from cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics)

Tumoral entityReference (year)/no. of samplesAmplification (%)mRNA upregulation (%)RPPA upregulation (%)TP53 mutations (%)TP53+MET amplification (%)TP53 + MET mRNA upregulation (%)TP53 + MET RPPA upregulation (%)Association [OR (P value)]
Lung adenocarcinoma25079552 (2014)/2303.4816.09049.1362.575.670.673 (0.025)
Gastric adenocarcinoma25079317 (2014)/2584.6513.57NA53.1083.3357.14NA0.675 (0.039)
Breast invasive carcinoma23000897 (2012)/82502.062.5523.2776.4728.570.992 (0.001)
Glioblastoma multiformeTCGA provisional data (accessed 03.21.2015)/6112.955.732.1316.3722.225.7123.080.713 (0.016)
Kidney renal clear cell carcinoma23792563 (2013)/4990.48.823.011.8004.546.671.613 (<0.001)

Abbreviation: NA, data non available.