Table 1.

Top gene enrichment groups determined by NIH DAVID

Gene Ontology TermPGenesaFold enrichmentFDRb
BER2.92E-05OGG1, NEIL1, POLD1, TDG, UNG14.70.054348
Hydrolase activity, Hydrolyzing N-glycosyl compounds4.71E-05CD38, OGG1, TDG, UNG, NEIL113.482140.083124
Glycosidase9.54E-05SPAM1, SMPDL3A, OGG1, TDG, TREH, CTBS, UNG, NEIL15.9922160.148149
DNA N-glycosylase activity1.07E-04OGG1, TDG, UNG, NEIL117.476850.188687
DNA repair1.73E-04LIG4, OGG1, TDG, ATR, TREX1, LIG1, UNG, NEIL15.5222380.269107
DNA damage1.99E-04LIG4, OGG1, TDG, ATR, TREX1, LIG1, UNG, NEIL15.4160410.309503
  • aCCNO is incorrectly labeled in NIH DAVID as UNG2. UNG2 is a DNA glycosylase so it originally appeared in our analysis. However, CCNO does not have a similar function to UNG2 and was removed from further analysis.

  • bFalse discovery rate.