Table 2.

Chromosomal regions with altered copy number in breast stroma specimens

SpecimenCopy numberLocationSize
1 upper outer2.81q42.2-1q432.3 Mb
1 upper outer2.68p22-8p21.32.6 Mb
1 upper outer5.510q26.11-10q26.135.1 Mb
1 lower inner2.61q32.12.6 Mb
1 lower inner2.79q33.3-9q34.112.7 Mb
1 lower inner3.110q22.30.7 Mb
1 lower inner2.611p15.5-11p15.43.0 Mb
2 upper inner4.010q22.30.3 Mb
2 upper inner2.811p11.20.9 Mb
2 upper inner3.114q24.10.7 Mb
23 reductive mammoplasty2.78q24.35.9 Mb

NOTE: One chromosomal region, 10q22.3, was amplified in 2 different stromal specimens. The shared 284 kb region harbors the genes retinoic acid–induced 17 (ZMIZ1), peptidylprolyl isomerase F precursor (PPIF), and Homo sapiens zinc finger, and CCHC domain containing 24 (ZCCHC24).