Table 1.

Ontology categories that are statistically overrepresented in the list of genes overexpressed more than 4-fold in the HMECs with the highest 10% of green fluorescence in tumor tissues

GO terms overrepresented in hTERT high HMECs in tumor
# in gene list/Total genes in categoryaPbOntology categoriesc
Biological process
57/808l.70e-09Cell cycle (1)
35/3835.02e-09Mitotic cell cycle (2)
46/5964.50e-09 Cell-cycle process (2)
41/4306.33e-11  Cell-cycle phase (3)
36/3447.20e-11  M phase (4)
28/2313.43e-10  M phase of mitotic cell cycle (5)
76/14551.25e-06Organelle organization (1)
27/2352.34e-09Organelle fission (2)
27/2258.92e-10 Nuclear division (3)
27/2258.92e-10  Mitosis (4)
61/10861.60e-06Regulation of multicelluar organismal process (1)
15/842.53e-08Chromosome segregation (1)
34/2992.56e-11Cell division (1)
7/256.21e-06Chromosome condensation (1)
29/3466.51e-07Regulation of cell cycle (1)
17/1564.52e-06Regulation of mitotic cell cycle (2)
Cellular compartment
37/5483.81e-06Chromosome (1)
19/1288.67e-09 Condensed chromosome (2)
18/1317.26e-08Chromosome, centromeric region (1)
12/654.34e-07 Condensed chromosome, centromeric region (2)
13/829.03e-07Kinetochore (1)
11/578.26e-07 Condensed chromosome, kinetochore (2)
9/434.97e-06G2/M checkpoints (1)
31/3081.46e-09Cell cycle, mitotic (1)
14/883.64e-07M phase (2)
14/841.99e-07 Mitotic prometaphase (3)
14/787.52e-08  Kinetochore capture of astral microtubules (4)

NOTE: HMECs with the highest hTERT promoter activity overexpress genes related to cell cycle and mitosis. Microarray analysis was conducted on HMECs from tumor tissues infected with the StopLight vector and sorted on the basis of green fluorescence. HMECs with the highest and lowest 10% of green fluorescence from Figure 3 were analyzed.

  • aThe number of overexpressed genes within each ontology category as a fraction of the total number of genes that comprise that category.

  • bP value is calculated by the gProfiler software. For a P value to be considered statistically significant, it must be lower than 95% of P values generated by a random data set of the same size.

  • cNumbers in parentheses denote the level of the category within the ontology hierarchy.