Table 2.

Prevalence of EMT and stemness antigen marker expression by immunofluorescence in CTCs (intact, nucleated CK+, CD45, DAPI + cells) from the circulation of men with metastatic CRPC and women with metastatic breast cancer

AntigennMarker-positive CTCs (%)Patients with marker-positive CTCs (%)
Vimentin (CRPC)10108/126 (86%)10/10 (100%)
Vimentin (BC)1065/97 (65%)7/10 (70%)
N-Cadherin (CRPC)11205/244 (84%)11/11 (100%)
N-Cadherin (BC)678/95 (82%)4/6 (67%)
O-Cadherin (CRPC)6107/120 (89%)6/6 (100%)
CD133 (CRPC)11127/153 (83%)9/11 (82%)

NOTE: Columns on the right indicate the number of manually scored CTCs scoring positive for each marker and the number of patients in each group who have at least 1 CTC that stains positive for a given marker.

Abbreviations: CRPC, castration-resistant prostate cancer; BC, breast cancer.