Table 1.

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of the men with metastatic CPRC in this study (n = 41)

Demographicsn = 41
Median age, y (range)71 (50–89)
Race, ethnicity
White, non-Hispanic73%
Black, non-Hispanic27%
Baseline disease history
Median Gleason score (range)8 (5–10)
Median baseline PSA (ng/dL, range)248.9 (14.0–13,419.5)
Median baseline pain (range)a0 (0–7)
Median Karnofsky performance status (range)90 (60–100)
Median number of prior hormonal therapies (range)2.5 (0–5)
Prior chemotherapy68%
Prior bisphosphonates73%
Sites of metastatic disease
Visceral (lung + liver)54%
Lymph node only0%
Metastatic to bone:
Metastatic to bone with lymph nodes (no visceral metastases)24%
Metastatic to bone without lymph nodes (no visceral metastases)22%

aPain is scored as a linear analog scale (0–10 range).

Abbreviations: CRPC, castration-resistant prostate cancer; PSA, prostate specific antigen.