Table 1.

Sample sets used for model development and validation

Training/model development
Name of sample setnGender (female/male)Description
Normal female training set6767/0Samples were obtained from apparently healthy women
Stage II to IV training set2828/0Contains 20 samples of tumor stage II, 2 samples of tumor stage III, and 6 samples of tumor stage IV
Name of sample setnGender (female/male)Description
Normal female training set6767/0
Breast cancer validation set1010/0Contains only patients with tumors in stage I, which were not included in the training set
Noncancerous validation set8734/53Combination of independent healthy controls and patients with other noncancerous medical conditions. Other medical conditions include multiple sclerosis (n = 34), diabetes mellitus (n = 1), and autism (n = 1)
Multiple myeloma310/31Samples were obtained from one male patient at different time points