The Complete Data Set of Gene Expression Changes in Wild-type and Rb-Null MEFs Before and After Treatment with 16 μmol/L of Cisplatin

E2F target genesRb-null/wild-type
ValuesFold changePValuesFold changeP
Cell cycle
    DNA pol-α2429.2/161.12.6600.002604.2/268.92.250<0.001
    Cyclin E2611.9/103.55.910<0.0011,632.2/433.83.760<0.001
    Cyclin A21,455.8/501.12.900<0.0011,161.9/808.31.440<0.001
    Primase p49522.2/92.55.650<0.0011,194.8/281.44.250<0.001
Cell death

NOTE: Values for expression levels in untreated Rb-null MEFs compared with untreated wild-type MEFs are shown for representative E2F target genes involved in regulating DNA replication or cell death. The fold change in values is shown and the significance of the change represented by P value. P < 0.01 is considered significant. Changes in expression levels of these same target genes in response to cisplatin treatment of Rb-null and wild-type MEFs is shown at the right side of the table. As determined by microarray analysis (available at