Table 2.

Apoptosis of FG, FG-EFEMP1, and L3.6p1 Cells after Treatment with Gemcitabine, 5-Fluorouracil, and Irinotecan

FG (vector)FG-EFEMP1L3.6pl (vector)
No treatment
    Apoptosis (%)16.518.917.4
    Fold change1.001.001.00
Gemcitabine (50 ng/mL)
    Apoptosis (%)44.339.937.3
    Fold change2.682.112.14
5-Fluorouracil (10 μg/mL)
    Apoptosis (%)75.631.837.6
    Fold change4.581.682.16
Irinotecan (470 ng/mL)
    Apoptosis (%)76.645.852.9
    Fold change4.642.423.04
  • NOTE: Proportions of apoptotic FG, FG-EFEMP1, and L3.6pl cells as determined by FACS after treatment with gemcitabine, 5-fluorouracil, and irinotecan at their respective IC50 doses (IC50 determination not shown).