Table 1.

Summary of Melanoma Samples Carrying FGFR2 Mutations

SamplesNucleotide ChangeCodon ChangeBRAFNRAS
Cell Lines
Metastatic Tumors
    Met15G229A G1720A C2063T C2122TV77M E574K S688F P708SV600End
Primary Tumors
  • Abbreviations: wt, wild type; nd, not done.

  • * Samples were homozygous for this mutation.

  • Microsatellite genotyping confirmed that these cell lines were independent.

  • Superficial spreading primary melanoma, no chronic sun damage evident.

  • § The IVS15_2A>T is predicted to result in the skipping of exon 16, subsequent frameshift for 27 amino acids, and a premature truncation at codon 690 in the kinase domain.

  • Acral melanoma, histologically superficial spreading melanoma.

  • Mucosal primary melanoma.

  • ** Primary Lentigo Maligna Melanoma, with histologic evidence of chronic sun damage.