Table 1.

Analysis of Akt1, Akt2, and Fn14 Expression Levels by IHC on the Glioma Invasion TMA

Percent of specimens
Akt1 core0.06.760.033.3
Akt1 edge0.011.569.219.2
Akt1 rim0.07.769.223.1
Akt2 core0.02.850.047.2
Akt2 edge0.00.060.639.4
Akt2 rim0.00.044.455.6
Fn14 core0.05.647.247.2
Fn14 edge0.011.542.346.1
Fn14 rim0.

NOTE: The values shown are the percentage of cases at each staining intensity. A scoring system of 0 to 4 for expression levels of each protein was used to indicate the staining intensity in the tumor cells (0, negative; 1, weak; 2, moderate; 3-4, strong).