Table 1.

Summary of Mutations in the KIT Gene Found in Canine Mast Cell Tumors

MutationEquivalent Residues in Human c-Kit ProteinNo. Dogs (% of Total)*
Exon 8
    Total9 (4.7%)
Exon 9
    Total8 (4.2%)
Exon 11
    Del555-557 InsV556-5581
    K557 InsF5581
    K557N InsP5583
    K557R Del558-5595581
    Total32 (16.8%)
Exon 17
    Del826-828 InsDT8271 (0.5%)
All mutations50 (26.2%)
  • * The cDNA for c-kit was cloned and sequenced from a total of 191 dogs.