Table 2.

Comparison of Clinical and Other LOH Data for 11p15 LOH, LOI, and Normally Imprinted WTs

Mean Age at Diagnosis (± SD), moPStage
PRelapsed or Died, % (n)P7p LOH, % (n)P16q LOH, % (n)P
I-II, % (n)III-IV, % (n)
LOH29.0 ± 16.9 (n = 23)65 (15/23)22 (5/23)17 (4/23)14 (3/22)18 (4/22)
LOI51.5 ± 23.0 (n = 20)0.001 vs LOH; 0.007 vs normally imprinted47 (9/19)32 (6/19)ns47 (9/19)ns20 (4/20)ns45 (9/20)ns
Normally imprinted25.6 ± 14.1 (n = 8)ns71 (5/7)29 (2/7)ns14 (1/7)ns13 (1/8)ns0 (0/8)ns
  • NOTE: Full data for each tumor are given in Supplementary Table S1. Stage and survival data were unavailable for one LOI WT and one normally imprinted WT. Stage V tumor numbers not included in this table. Statistical analysis was by Student's t test for age at diagnosis and Fisher's exact test for other variables. Comparison is to the LOH group unless indicated otherwise. ns, nonsignificant (P > 0.017, Bonferroni's correction for multiple testing).