Multiple Sequence Alignment of Human ZAG with Other Mammalian ZAGs

Embedded Image
  • NOTE: Swiss-Prot entry for Homo sapiens (human), P25311; Macaca mulatta (monkey), XP_001098813; Bos taurus (bovine), Q3ZCH5; Rattus norvegicus (rat), Q63678; Mus musculus (mouse), Q64726; and Canis familiaris (dog), Q4GX49. The conserved cysteine residues involved in disulfide formation are shaded in black. The residues shaded in light gray are involved in ligand binding. Asn residues shaded in dark gray are glycosylation sites. The sequence identities with human ZAG are written in parenthesis. The secondary structure elements are shown below the sequence as loop in black line, β strand as in arrow, and α-helix as a cylinder.