Table 1.

Correlation of Fn14 and TWEAK Expression Levels and Indicators of Good or Poor Prognosis in Breast Tumors

GenePrognostic variableThreshold*P*ThresholdP
Fn14Event metastasis0.1200.00580.1200.0013
Node negative−0.1400.00220.0000.0023
>4 positive nodes0.1000.01940.0590.2283
Well differentiated−0.1800.0242−0.1800.0811
ER status0.1600.03640.0161.0000
>2 cm diameter0.1200.06320.0160.1861
Event metastasis0.0150.02880.0150.3266
Node negative−0.0450.9331−0.0660.5234
>4 positive nodes−0.0770.26070.0610.9307
Well differentiated−0.0880.5077−0.0660.2215
ER status0.0840.03520.0840.0472
>2 cm diameter−0.0190.09850.0071.0000
  • NOTE: Fisher's exact analysis of high and low Fn14 or TWEAK average expression threshold is shown (P values of <0.05 are shown in bold). The average expression threshold derived from expression ratios provided by van de Vijver et al. (17) was calculated as described in Materials and Methods.

  • * All 295 patients.

  • Patients who did not receive chemotherapy (n = 185).