Table 1.

Nuclear Smad3 and N-Cadherin Expression in Benign Cystadenoma, Borderline Tumor, and Cystadenocarcinoma Tissue Microarrays

Frequency of Average Scores
PTotal No. Patients
Benign04161.0 (benign versus borderline)20
Borderline06240.0099 (borderline versus carcinoma)30
Cystadenocarcinoma020190.0257 (benign versus carcinoma)39
Benign21250.0669 (benign versus borderline)19
Borderline52410.773 (borderline versus carcinoma)30
Cystadenocarcinoma142240.0319 (benign versus carcinoma)40
  • NOTE: Pairwise contrast (logistic regression) between tissue categories are comparing (a) Smad3 average scores of <1.5 versus average scores of ≥1.5 and (b) N-cadherin average scores of 0 versus average scores of ≥1.5.

  • * Cox proportional hazards regression analysis using Smad3 or N-cadherin as a continuous variable.