Table 1.

P Values for the Correlation of Clinical Tumor Stages and Histopathologic Grading

AP-1 binding T/Nn.s.0.024n.s.(0.058)
Src activity T/Nn.s.0.045n.s.n.s.
Src protein T/Nn.s.0.039n.s.n.s.
u-PAR in tumor tissue0.0290.037n.s.0.009
  • NOTE: Molecular parameters were analyzed [transcription factor binding to the −190/−171 u-PAR promoter motif, Src activity, and Src protein (ratio tumor tissue/normal mucosa), u-PAR protein in tumor tissue (ng u-PAR/mg protein)]. High expression/activity of all molecular parameters in the tumors correlate significantly with positive lymph node stages, u-PAR additionally correlating with advanced pT stages (local tumor invasion) and dedifferentiation (grading), and AP-1 binding to the u-PAR promoter also correlating with pN and, in trend, grading.

  • Abbreviations: pT, local tumor invasion; pN, lymph node status; M, distant metastases; pN, positive lymph node stages; n.s., not significant.