Table 1.

Summary of Novel Recurrent Chromosomal Aberrations in SCLC

AbnormalityCoordinatesLengthFrequency in Cell Lines (%)Frequency in Tumors (%)Genes with Known Association with Cancer
Gain of 2q37.1-q37.2235720690 to 236144659420 kb6166
Gain of 6p21.3134998875 to 353542973.63 Mb6963CK2B, MSH5
Gain of 7p22.15981609 to 6248486270 kb6954RAC1
Gain of 7p14.330702026 to 3074304040 kb7541
Gain of 7q11.2164150926 to 64714134560 kb4742
Gain of 7q11.2372200986 to 747081382.51 Mb7160RFC2, FZD9, BCL7B
Gain of 7q22.198256212 to 98446355190 kb5580
Gain of 7q36157764666 to 157892583130 kb7254PTPRN2
Gain of 9q34.11-34.12128878693 to 1307369161.86 Mb5863ABL1
Gain of 9q34.2133356411 to 133837324480 kb8598
Loss of 10q21.156640222 to 56976835340 kb5342
Loss of 10q21.157485108 to 59373358189 Mb5744
Loss of 11p11.1248944115 to 49173275230 kb4146
Gain of 11q13.2-q13.368071140 to 68457277390 kb5960
Gain of 11q13.470119917 to 70508750390 kb8881
Gain of 11q23.3118080390 to 118510298430 kb7441DDX6, BCL9L, FOXR1, TMEM24
Gain of 12p13.33498351 to 54680448 kb5296
Gain of 12p13.316264939 to 6755337490 kb5783TNFRSF1A, CHD4
Gain of 12q13.1248364391 to 48701968340 kb7358BAX inhibitor-1, FAIM-2
Gain of 12q14.263220192 to 6331715798 kb6570RASSF3
Gain of 12q24.11108009640 to 108271491260 kb8067
Gain of 12q24.12110170474 to 110352261180 kb8646
Gain of 12q24.13112203187 to 11221250010 kb6158
Gain of 12q24.33130872819 to 131618922750 kb5585MMP17
Gain of 13q34112073788 to 1132159721.14 Mb5953
Gain of 14q11.221171249 to 21305730130 kb4347
Gain of 14q23.263829172 to 6389977070 kb4840ER2
Gain of 14q24.371984558 to 72392319410 kb4645
Gain of 14q24.374003876 to 750563321.05 Mb5447
Gain of 14q24.376984427 to 77144559160 kb5152CHES1
Gain of 14q32.1288752354 to 911091542.36 Mb5056
Gain of 14q32.13-32.3194993423 to 1010361446 Mb4861TCL6
Gain of 14q32.33104475429 to 1063120361.84 Mb8378TMEM121
Gain of 17q21.3346061156 to 46295421230 kb4370
Gain of 17q24.3-q25.168263039 to 708805952.62 Mb5377
Gain of 17q25.373084146 to 742051461.12 Mb5961
Gain of 18q12.233315195 to 33501543190 kb4654
Gain of 18q21.144239189 to 44613022370 kb4851
Gain of 18q22-q2372742902 to 73144551400 kb4688
Gain of 20p13546278 to 915957370 kb5745
Gain of 20p132692438 to 2884204190 kb5949
Gain of 20p11.2318537737 to 18833682300 kb6241
Gain of 20p11.2123097739 to 23887277790 kb5240
Gain of 20q11.2130675396 to 30905617230 kb6498
Gain of 20q11.2334166072 to 34443365280 kb3556
Gain of 20q12-q13.142528911 to 42717549190 kb4398
Gain of 20q13.12-q13.1344838035 to 472924222.45 Mb6058PREX1, CSE1L
Gain of 20q13.3256373559 to 5641282240 kb4284RAB22A
Gain of 20q13.3359186707 to 598321992.74 Mb4757
Gain of 21q22.345373039 to 468442961.47 Mb5769
Gain of 22q1238036814 to 3810282766 kb6561