Table 1.

Selected Peptide Sequences and Example of Human Proteins Containing Homologous Motifs

Peptide sequenceHomologous motifExample of human proteins containing the homologous motifAccession no.
CANKDVRRCNKKVRRB-lymphocyte cell adhesion moleculeP20273
CANLDTRRCLDTRRMultiple epidermal growth factor-like domains 1Q9NYQ8
CPNQDSRRCQDSRRProtocadherin beta 15 precursorQ9Y5E8
CPNGDERNCDERNTumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 5 (CD40 ligand)P29965
CVNNDGRLCVGNDGRNidogen-2 precursorQ14112
CXNXDXRX/RC (consensus sequence)
  • NOTE: Peptides were analyzed using the National Center for Biotechnology Information BLAST search against the SWISSPROT database, using the option for short nearly exact matches, to identify human proteins with homologous sequences.