Table 1.

Differentially Expressed Proteins in H1299 Lung Cancer Cells Infected with Ad-FHIT-wt and Ad-FHIT-Y114F

Spot no.Protein identityAccession no.MALDI-TOF coverage (%)Protein size actual/expected (kDa)Isoelectric point actual/expectedEst's Z score*Protein expression Ad-FHIT-wt vs Ad-FHIT-Y114FReported functions
Ca2+ binding/Ca2+ associated
1CalreticulinNP_004334.14246/48.294.3/4.32.16Minus in wild-typeRNA binding
10ANXA2NP_0010028584836/38.799.0/7.72.30Plus in wild-typeCa2+-dependent phospholipid binding
11Cyclophilin ANP_066953.16416/18.098.1/8.12.43Minus in wild-typeImmunophilin (cyclosporine A) binding
ATP binding
3HSP70, isoform 1 (70 kDa)NP_006588.12470/71.115.7/5.42.16Plus in wild-typeATP binding
7HSP70, isoform 2 (42 kDa)NP_6948813242/41.987.2/6.71.52Plus in wild-typeATP binding
4Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4ANP_001407.14042/46.365.9/5.32.43Plus in wild-typeATP-dependent helicase activity
Proteases and catalytic enzymes
2Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2HNP_003335.12515/20.693.9/4.62.43Present in mutantUbiquitin-protein ligase activity
5ER60S639943458/57.186.4/6.01.67Plus in wild-typeProtein disulfide-isomerase activity
6CAIINP_0000583629/29.106.4/6.92.43Plus in wild-typeReversible hydration of carbon dioxide
9Glutamate dehydrogenase 1NP_005262.14461/61.728.2/7.82.08Minus in wild-typeSynthesis and catabolism of glutamate
8Keratin 7NP_005547.32648/51.437.2/5.42.43Plus in wild-typeCell structure/Intermediate filament
12T-cell receptor α chainAAN12378.17711/11.068.4/6.71.19Minus in wild-typeCellular defense/MHC protein binding
  • * A Z score is estimated when the search result is compared against an estimated random match population. Z score is the distance to the population mean in unit of SD. It also corresponds to the percentile of the search in the random match population. For instance, a Z score of 1.65 for a search means that the search is in the 95th percentile. In other words, there are ∼5% of random matches that could yield higher Z scores than this search. The following is a list for Z score and its corresponding percentile in an estimated random match population: Z score 1.282, 90.0 percentile; Z score 1.645, 95.0 percentile; Z score 2.326, 99.0 percentile; Z score 3.09, 99.9 percentile.

  • Proteins differentially expressed in H1299 cells infected with Ad-FHIT-wt and Ad-FHIT-Y114F (cutoff value, 4-fold).