Table 1.

VKOR Expression Analysis by Real-time PCR

Cells or TissuesNormalized VKOR Amount Relative to HSMC 2−ΔΔCT
Human aortic smooth muscle cell1.0 (0.9-1.1)
HUVEC3.9 (3.6-4.3)
Human fetal heart7.7 (7.3-8.0)
Human dermal fibroblast0.6 (0.5-0.7)
Human peripheral blood leukocyte∼0
  • NOTE: Total RNA was isolated from human aortic smooth muscle cell, HUVEC, human dermal fibroblast, human peripheral blood leukocyte, and human fetal heart, and reverse-transcribed to cDNA by using reverse transcriptase. Aliquots of cDNA were used as a template for real-time PCR reactions containing primers for VKOR or for β-actin. Each reaction contained cDNA derived from 10 ng total RNA. Four replicates of each reaction were done.