Table 1.

Interactions Potentially Relevant for G1 Arrest and Tumorigenesis

Tumorigenic/G1 Arrest DomainsOverlapping Interaction SitesInteraction Sites That Overlap but Are Not Required for G1 ArrestComments
Tumorigenic (1–130)/G1 arrest (1–109) domainp53, E2F/DP1, TFIIEInteractions may be relevant for tumorigenesis, G1 arrest, or cyclin A inhibition
ID1 (155–221)L5Interaction may be relevant for G1 arrest
p14/p19 site 155–221 (two known sites are shown by pink arrows)Induces G1 arrest in NIH3T3 cells that do not express p14/p19
TBPAcidic activation domain is required for TBP interaction but not for G1 arrest
ID2 (269–324)RbInteraction may be relevant for G1 arrest