Table 1.

Effect of Piceatannol on the Activity of Adenylate Kinase and NDP Kinase

TreatmentEnzyme Activity (nmol ATP generated/min)
Adenylate KinaseNDP Kinase
None9.63 ± 2.631.3 ± 0.93
Piceatannol (4 μm)7.94 ± 1.171.5 ± 0.71
  • Note: Purified adenylate kinase (5 units) and NDP kinase (5 units) were preincubated with 4-μm piceatannol, and ATP synthesis was initiated by the addition of 200-μm ADP. After 15 s, ATP generated in the reaction mixture was determined as described in “Materials and Methods.” Data are means ± SD of two independent experiments performed in triplicate.