Table 1.

Repeated measures ANOVA for comparison of tumor volume changes among four groups

Compared animal groups (n = 5 in each group)Difference in LS meansaConfidence intervalAdjusted P value
Control vs. ASNase only0.027−0.63–0.690.999
Control vs. TMZ only0.70.04–1.360.036
Control vs. ASNase and TMZ1.40.74–2.10.0001
ASNase only vs. TMZ only0.670.01–1.340.046
ASNase only vs. ASNase and TMZ1.380.7–2.040.0001
TMZ only vs. ASNase and TMZ0.70.04–1.360.035

Abbreviation: TMZ, temozolomide.

  • aLS means on a logarithmic scale.